SORONI INC. Painting & Restoration Services PKA-The Right Touch INC. was founded in January of 1992about by
Rocco Georgiev, president and owner of the company.

The Right Touch began as a small company dedicated to excellent customer service providing superior painting at a reasonable price. As the company expands, Right Touch is still focused on providing the same qualities that made it successful from the beginning.

Painting is one of the least expensive but most dramatic ways to change up a room. You don’t need to buy all new furniture or bedding to make a big impact. Paint a wall or faux finish a design or cartoon character on your child’s wall. You’ll be glad you did!

Are you wondering what kind of colors provoke feelings, create excitement or make you feel calm and relaxed?

Warm Colors – attract attention, create excitement, promote cheerfulness, and stimulate action.
Cool Colors – Relax and refresh people, promote peace and quiet, and encourage concentration.
Light Colors – Make objects seem lighter in weight, make areas seem more spacious, tend to give people a psychological lift and reflect light effectively.
Dark Colors – Make objects seem heavier, make areas appear smaller, and absorb light.
Bold Colors – Attract the eye and create excitement.
Whites – Reflect more light than any other color, denote cleanliness, and unite separate spaces.